Electronic book for complete beginner?

  1. Hey guys, I'm a complete beginner in electronics, and am looking for a beginner book to learn all about electronics. Can anyone give me some good reads?
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  3. I found this one to be quite helpful when starting my degree, although each person may have a different recommendation as it is largely dependent on what you find best. If your at uni or near a library, have a look at a few different ones and see which is best. One with examples will help too :)

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    Hi Kenny Bala! Welcome to Physics Forums!

    “This tutorial is a brief introduction to the concepts of charge, voltage, and current. This tutorial is not as long and tedious as a college textbook, yet it contains more information than students are likely to find in an elementary schoolbook.”

    I first learned electronics in Navy schools, so I am a little biased. So, if anyone is serious about learning electricity and electronics, this free downloadable book is the best choice possible!

    “Here is the "Electricity - Basic Navy Training Courses" (NAVPERS 10622) in its entirety (or will be eventually). It should provide one of the Internet's best resources for people seeking a basic electricity course - complete with examples worked out (links to quizzes at end of chapters).
    Electricity - Basic Navy Training Courses
    NAVPERS 10622
    This book is intended as a basic reference for all enlisted men of the Navy whose duties require them to have a knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity.”
    http://www.rfcafe.com/references/el...electricity - basic navy training courses.htm

    I wish you good luck along your path to more knowledge.
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