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What thyristor, triac, diode, transistor for an amateur?

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    Beginner here. Learning about electronics. I would like to play with a thyristor, triac, diode, transistor, diode bridge, etc. using 1,5-9V batteries, wires, multimeter. I am buying a breadboard too. What kind of these you recommend for that purpose? There is a wide variety on the shelves please give approximate specifications.
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    that depends on what you want to build

    how about getting into some starter kits .... all the parts and schematic are supplied
    you just have to do the activity of putting it together ands making it work and in the process learning about
    the different components and how to recognise them and what function they perform :smile:

    here's one of many examples from ebay ....
    dunno what your budget is ? there are cheaper ones and there are more expensive ones

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    In Serbia, unfortunately I could not find any premade starter kits. However I tend to ask the salesman. Sometimes they miss (got me a 1 microFarad capacitor - what to do with that, while I needed 1000 microFarad for lighting LEDS). That´s why I need information on what to buy.
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