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Electronic control of ac power

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    Hi Experts,

    I would like to make an electronic circuit to control AC power to switch on and off a light bulb based on sensor.

    Being new to this , i hope know what aspects i need to pay attention to when using DC to control AC?

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    You can use a relay.
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    Hi waht, thats a great idea. i thought about it before but have always been nervous about AC due to the 3 phase concept which i have not understood well. I thought i ask to see if there are other things i should consider when dealing with AC. I suppose power transistor is not suitable due to the high current in the 'live' wire? Thank you.

    I am gonna get myself a high power relay. cheers!
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    You have 3-phase light bulbs? :wink:

    Not all AC power is 3 phase. Typical residential power in the US is split-phase (i.e. a center tapped transformer). So the common household voltage of 120 VAC is single phase line to neutral.

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