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Electronic or Software Engineering?

  1. Oct 27, 2009 #1
    I love them both. Which one do you think is more useful? Which one has more general application in everyday life?
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    Both have many great applications to everyday life.

    In order to decide you should ask yourself, do you enjoy physically building and designing things. If so, think about electronic engineering. You get to do a lot of physical designing and also a lot of programming. With software engineering you will probably do more in depth programming, but there won't be much physical engineering involved.
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    I love physics as well as building and designing things. I like taking old gadgets apart but since I have no knowledge in electronics, I ended up putting them back together without learning anything useful. I'm also passionate in learning how gadgets work and what makes them tick. I regularly hang out at HowStuffWorks and Wikipedia to learn about various electronic marvels, including military technology.

    Programming is useful since I interact with software every single day. I self-studied a bit of C++ online and regularly amuse myself automating with AutoIt or writing in LaTeX. I even learn reverse engineering to the point where I can crack simple programs (but it's very easy, so not saying much). Of course I can never get far from self-studying since I learn everything online and I can't find a well-structured curriculum.

    However, ignorance is bliss. Once I get into one of these I may find myself wondering if I were doing the right thing. This is because I'm finishing a degree in economics, and instead of pursuing a career I've decided to get another major, this time in a subject that I'm passionate about. I detest economics and have no interest working an economics career, but my parents think it's the best way to earn money (which is true to an extent). Hence the reason I'm asking this, because I only have the chance to pick one and let go of the other. Which one is more useful in general? I'm leaning towards electronic since it involves a fair amount of programming, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Note that everything I know regarding engineering is self-taught online. I can't invest in a good book as my current degree is pretty demanding. That's why I actually know very little regarding these majors.
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