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In summary, the conversation discusses using an IC to provide a 3.3V power supply from a li-ion battery with an undervoltage lockout of 1.8V. The datasheet provided is for the IC and mentions that Vina is the control stage supply. The possibility of creating a potential divider for this pin is also mentioned, with a suggested minimum input current of 18mA. The speaker plans to test the circuit in the lab and make adjustments if needed.
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Hey, i am using one of these ICs to provide a 3.3V power supply from a li-ion battery. it works well but has an undervoltage lockout of 1.8v, much too low for a lithium ion battery.

here is the datasheet:

now it says on the pin descriptions that Vina is the control stage supply... this is also the pin that the undervoltage lockout is measured from. so could i create a potential divider for this pin so that when the li-ion voltage drops to ~2.8V, the chip locks out? what should be the minimum input current for this pin? i can't find a value given in the electrical characteristics -there is a circuit on page 11 which uses a 100R to the vina and other pins. using this and a Vin cut off of 2.9, i calculated 61ohms for the paired resistor. but this gives 18ma current leak, a little high if the battery is left for any time... (its a 1Ah)

sorry if this is in wrong forum

thanks for any help

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Rig up the circuit in your lab and find out the results.
The current shouldn't matter at that pin..
If its going into PCB then provide an option for voltage divider, and check it out
after you get the PCB
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hmm i thought it might being the "power supply for control stage" ill stick a pot on it and ill also try one on EN...

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1. What is the TPS63001?

The TPS63001 is a step-up (boost) converter from Texas Instruments, used for power management in electronic devices.

2. How does the TPS63001 work?

The TPS63001 converts a lower input voltage to a higher output voltage using a switching regulator and inductor. This allows for efficient power conversion and voltage regulation in electronic circuits.

3. What are the benefits of using the TPS63001?

The TPS63001 offers high efficiency, small size, and low power consumption, making it a popular choice for portable and battery-powered electronic devices. It also has a wide input voltage range and can operate in both step-up and step-down modes.

4. How do I choose the right TPS63001 for my project?

The TPS63001 comes in various package sizes and output voltage options. To choose the right one for your project, you should consider the input and output voltage requirements, current and power ratings, and any other specific needs of your circuit.

5. Can I get technical support for using the TPS63001?

Yes, Texas Instruments offers technical support for their products, including the TPS63001. They have a team of experts who can assist with design, troubleshooting, and other questions related to using the TPS63001 in your project.

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