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  1. I am aware that electronic engineers moslty end up in circuit.... so i was curious if we can do something mechanical... ie mecatronics or something like that. so have any bright ideas on how to move to that direction???
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    Do you mean some thing like,

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    Actually, Woolie, I get the impression that Benzun wants to switch from circuit design to a field more involved with interfacing electronics with mechanics. Getting into Controls and/or Robotics should serve him well.
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    In that case i suggest fuzzy logic,


    Best site i could could come with.
  6. look what mean is like this.. it might sound funny but please bear with me..... if we just allow a mech engg to run around a gorest he migfht be able to use his physics to create maybe a pully system or something very tangible and physical.. but if we electronics engg is allowed free in a forest what are we going to come out with??? i feel our field is a lot dependant on other science.....
  7. Maybe you were drunk when you wrote this; I don't know. Engineering in general requires all engineering to do anything useful. Who is going to fund that pulley system in the forest? Go shake hands with the business folks, you will not be working on anything real without them. Who is going to fabricate those parts? Go shake hands with the industrial folks, you will not be working on anything real without them. I think you get my point. I'm sure an electrical engineer can build a pulley system in the forest by the way... anything non-trivial REQUIRES a lot of different specialties.
  8. I was definitely not drunk...... wat i feel is that our improvisation skill is a lot dependant on our developed society, while a mech engineer can improvise with stuffs he can find from nature. I am not talking abt starting a compay.. but creating things for survival.
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    Yea, you're right. Both this and post #5 are funny.
  10. so funny!!!!!!!!1:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
    how do u expect a mechy to create a pulley system in forest. what tools does he have over there???
    will he start cutting the trunk of a tree, get a circular disc, scratch it with his nails to make a groove, kill a tiger, make a belt of the leather, mount the pulley on one tree, n mount the second on the tree opposite to the river(how?? i dont know), hold the belt n vroom to the other side????

    well if a mechy can do that stuff, even a caveman can do that!!!!
    engineering teaches how to solve problems, not ways to solve problems
  11. n there is no meaning to what have u been saying about the improvisation stuff n all..
    dude u r just entering the college.. relax.. take things slowly
  12. ok...... but dont we speak more geek talk than the mechies???? i thought like this because.. i was think wat if there was some huge catastropy and the entire tech we have is wiped out... in that case whose knowledge will make him a better survivor.. the mechanical engineers or the electrical engineers... since we deal mostly with stuff that are invisible i feel they have a better chance...
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    We got your point in post #5; theres no need to be redundant.

    Theres no yes or no for this. The next thing you'd want to do is compare engineers to cavemen :rolleyes:
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  14. if anything of this sorts happen, only roaches ll survive:rofl::rofl::rofl:
    why do u think any sort of engineer is better than another? they r all good in their own field of application. u r just overcomplicating the things. just relax and go easy.
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