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Element Selection for Voltage Doubler Design with Mathematical proof

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    I need to design a voltage doubler that takes in 115V-50Hz a.c. and produces a doubled voltage output of 230V dc.

    I am using this circuit:


    I need help in the mathematics part:

    i) How do I find the optimum value of capacitance? (Using high capacitance values reduces ripples; but can the mathematical relation between ripple and capacitance be found out? please help and if possible give source to study..)

    ii) How can the diode rating req. be determined?

    Any other suggestions kindly reply [regarding any precautions to be taken like heat issues etc. any practical issue I may be missing]. Also any text or website that can help on the underlying mathematics.. please help...
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    What is the application? What are the output power requirements? What is your background in working with AC Mains voltages?
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