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EM wave reflection

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    Why do parabolic reflectors for microwaves (e.g. satellite TV) not reflect light like a mirror?

    Why do things like spoons, which are presumably conductive, reflect light?

    Thank you
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    Satellite antennas are typically coated with paint and have a very rough surface, which scatters the light in many different directions (diffuse reflection) instead of being very smooth like an optical mirror is. Spoons are much more smooth and do a much better job at reflecting light. Much more of the light is reflected at the same angle of incidence that it hits the surface at. (specular reflection)
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    I suppose my question is, if the dish is scattering light, why is it not scattering the microwaves used for communication?
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    If the surface roughness is small when compared to the wavelength the wave doesn't "see" it.

    Another factor is that different wavelengths react differently - many materials that are transparent to visible light (e.g., some clear plastics) are great reflectors in the infrared.

    Both effects could be used.
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    Thank you. What is the name for this... 'reflective coefficient at a given frequency'?
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    In optics it is the index of refraction plus the Fresnel equations:

    The same principles apply to all electromagnetic radiation, but the terminology may vary.
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    Thank you
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