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Energy is scalar or vector ?

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    Someones like teachers in my country says energy is vector and scalar .
    Is that true ?
    Anyone can prov that ?
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    Energy is a scalar. What gave you the impression it could be a vector?
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    Force is a vector, energy is a scalar. Perhaps you are confusing the two?
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    Energy is a scalar. If it were a vector then conservation of energy would fail during uniform circular motion in a radial potential and many other situations.
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    My friends in physics discipline and some teachers in university !

    I Search web and find this :

    << crackpot link deleted >>

    I'm confused .

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    You've stumbled on a crackpot. Telltale phrases: "we are blinded by dogma", "we are about to lift the blindness".
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    That looks wrong.

    While it is possible to combine momentum and energy in the (stress-)energy-momentum-tensor, "energy" (density) is a scalar component of this tensor.
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    The cross product does not work in 4D
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