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Engineering Guidance

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    Engineering for me is a passion to lead ~ I'm a 12 grader student looking to finish high school with a good performance , and start what I really think of ( Engineering ).

    I'm excellent at Math , Physics and chemistry , infact math and physics are my Love . Their are two opinions I'm thinking of Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering .But what I would like to tell is that I'm not a handman person or I feel lazy to do something by hand, I'm a person that uses my Brain in most cases ~

    Therefore , I'm waiting for Engineers to give me the true medicine for me that will help me and help my future .

    Thanks in advance
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    I am assuming that by saying "I'm not a handman person or I feel lazy to do something by hand, I'm a person that uses my Brain in most cases" you do not like to build things. First I would like to say that engineers who build things definitely use their brain, Im sure you did not mean that to be insulting but that is the way I took it.

    Secondly, there is a lot of theoretical work out there in engineering. I am a mech E so I cant say a lot about civil. But for mechanical engineering there is a lot of work in computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis and other things with various applications that are theoretical and computational in nature. I personally do not enjoy that sort of thing. I prefer to build things and perform experiments. But you should look up some things like CFD(computation fluid dynamics) if you are more interested in theory and math.
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    I thank you for the reply "JD88" ~ Just one question , do you have a website that tells what each brach of ME deals with ? Please .

    I really appreciate your help .
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    http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos027.htm is the government's description of the profession, including a very high level overview of the typical paths within each branch. Engineers can do many other things not described on this page. I suggest looking through the related jobs linked at the bottom too.
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    Thank you Kote .
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    Check the site of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (now ASME International) - www.asme.org

    http://www.asme.org/about/ [Broken]

    http://divisions.asme.org/ - shows different division of ASME (Mech Eng)

    http://www.asme.org/Education/PreCollege/EngineeringResources/ [Broken]

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