Enormous alien planet discovered

  1. Greg Bernhardt

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    Giant Alien Planet Discovered in Most Distant Orbit Ever Seen

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  3. Drakkith

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    That's a big planet.
  4. Chronos

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    Interesting, that is close to the estimated mass range necessary for deuterium fusion. I can't help but wonder if that could partially account for its apparent infrared brightness.
  5. I thought >30 Jupiter masses and you were into brown dwarf territory?
  6. It's not an Alien Planet.
  7. Drakkith

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    Technically I think it's an extrasolar planet.
  8. Chronos

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    While there is no universally recognized standard for distinguishing a brown dwarf from a planet, the point at which deuterium fusion can occur is clearly of interest. This limit is generally assumed to be around 13 Jupiter masses, but, could even be as low as 11 Jupiter masses under favorable conditions. For discussion see http://arxiv.org/abs/1008.5150, The Deuterium-Burning Mass Limit for Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets. The author, David Spiegel, is a widely respected authority on this subject.
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