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Entangelment = wormhole?

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    Thought experiment; You entangle a pair of particles. a chrono-naught takes one half of the pair and gets into Eisenstein's train, which now encircles the earth, and is then accelerated to .999 the speed of light and continues around the Earth for a million years or so. the other half of the entangled pair is placed in a time capsule and sealed for a million years or so. An observer on the moon would see a pair of entangled particles, one racing around the planet, the other sitting in a box. The chrono-naught would have slowed his passage through time, while the particle in the box would have experienced normal time passage. (relative to each other) But what happens when both particles are stopped at a predetermined point in time set by the time capsule box and then a message is passed from the chrono-naught VIA the entangled particle to the other particle in the box? Is the past talking to the future?
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    The short answer is that the chrono-naught cannot pass any massage via entanglement alone.

    If you look at a particle by itself, there is no way of knowing if it is half of an entangled pair or not. There is no measurement (as far as Quantum mechanics can tell us) that could ever tell you this either. If there was, then you could communicate via entanglement, but because there isn't you can't.

    If you're curious how we can know this, and you'd like to look it up, I think it's called the no-signalling theorem.

    Interesting scenario, though.
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