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Equilibrium modelling in kraft mills

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    I've been working with equilibrium modelling in bleach plants of kraft mills in order to find areas likely of being subjected to mineral scale deposits. This has been rather successful - and it's been done successfully be many people before me.

    However, now I am interested in applying similar modelling to other areas of the mill where scaling may also be a problem (e.g. digester and chemical recovery). I'm struggling with finding studies where this has been done, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with equilibrium modelling in other parts of the mill than the bleach plant? Can this be successfully done or am I wasting my time trying?

    I am happy to listen to experience anyone of you may have or studies that you can suggest that I read.

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    Should be essentially the same chemistry. Specific studies? I can't help there --- anecdotally, there may be plant areas where employees "protect" folklore and tradition concerning plant operations as a form of job security --- i.e., "Don't want no experts doing us outa our jobs," and that has interfered with some studies of other paper plant operations.
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