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B Examples of multiple entanglements

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    I need actual examples of entanglements where they go on and on...

    Let's start with you observing the spin up and spin down of a particle.. so you become entangled with the state of the particle..

    so "spin up and you" and "spin down and you" become terms of the entanglement where only the whole system has wave functions..

    Now I'd like to understand what experimental setup where you can form another entanglement with the say "spin down and you" and so on.. I'd like to understand how the terms can break away and each MWI branch forms more entanglement.. so your single initial awareness becomes billions of awareness in the never ending entanglements..
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    Let's give more detail...

    I observe spin up and spin down

    "spin up and I" and "spin down and I" become the two terms of the entanglement
    Let's say Gerry observes me..
    would it form "spin up and I and Gerry" and "spin down and I and Gerry" in the entanglement or can Gerry only form entanglement with either one of the "spin up and I" and "spin down and I" and not both of them? What experiment situation where Gerry can form entanglement with both or either one of the terms only?
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    But there is only one outcome in this world.. for example, only "spin up and I" comes out.. so if Gerry observes me.. he should see me "spin up and I" only.. why should he be able to see and entangle with the "spin down and I" which is in another branch?
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    We've already gone round and round about this before. I'd just be repeating the same things I've said to you in previous threads. There's no point to doing that.

    Thread closed.
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