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Exclusive nor gate logic

  1. Apr 4, 2013 #1
    i m a bit confused in XNOR gate logic for MORE THAN 2 INPUTS..
    is this logic correct "even function of 0's"..
    need help in this regard,thanks in advance.. :confused:
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    I don't think they found the right answer there.

    The generalization of an XOR gate is the Parity - it is 1 if there is an odd number of "1" inputs.
    XNOR is an inversed XOR - it is 1 if there is an even number of "1" inputs.

    It can be written as NOT(A XOR B XOR C XOR D) - and as interesting feature, the order of operations (and inputs) does not matter.
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    so it is even function of 1's... ??
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