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Exercise and studying

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    Hello PF,
    I have heard many times and read in many places that good exercise for at least half an hour a day can be a booster to cognitive functions and helps with studying. And my university campus is huge so everyday just getting from one place to another stackes up into a 12000 steps a day of walking, which is higher than demanded as daily exercice. Does this mean that i do not have to exercice? Or the fact of going to a gym and doing nothing but exercice intentionally is the only way to get the benefits ?
    Thank you.
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    Walking (while better than nothing) is a low intensity exercise. It won't ever elevate your pulse to 130 bpm, which is a part of an often suggested (at least where I live) 3*30*130 minimum (exercise 3 times a week per 30 minutes with at least 130 bpm).
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    One benefit from exercising, consciously, deliberately excercising, that is likely not to be mentioned is that if done with awareness is that it is a break from study.

    Exercise tends to balance the left and right side of the body. It improves digestion, balances the back muscles etc and in this and other ways benefits the mind and study.

    If you always carry books etc on one shoulder, carry it on the other too. Swing both arms. A lot of this can be easier to do unencumbered on a track or in a gym.
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    I agree with Borek. 12000 steps is great, but it's important to get your heart rate up on a regular basis and I would add that some kind of strength training is beneficial as well.

    This doesn't mean you have to go to a gym. You can get exercise through sports, physical labour, or recreational activities like martial arts or dancing. One of the big keys to getting regular exercise is figuring out a way to enjoy it. Some people really like gyms - plugging a pair of headphones into a treadmill and running some simulated hills. Others need to actually run up and down those hills.
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    Count me in the latter group. When I was in grad school, my exercise of choice was running, usually a minimum of five miles during the week, and eight to ten on either Saturday or Sunday. Even in rainy western Washington state, I managed to get in 100 miles per month for the two years I spent in grad school. Just my opinion, but running on a treadmill seems boring...

    Another option is to do your schoolwork using a 10-pound pencil, and switching hands periodically. :oldbiggrin:
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    Not a bad idea. :)
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    My bet is it will make your writing unintelligible.
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