Experiment with Earth magnetic fields abnormal

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    I have an enigmatic problem that I cannot explain.

    I have on video the results of this experiment at particular location where I believe bio-electromagnetic weapons testing is occurring.

    Does anyone have theories of why the following occurs?

    I have several sized physical compasses that the experiment all works with so it is not a result of friction or anomalies of the compasses.

    When the compass is in steady state it points to magnetic north, but when it is moved a couple feet relatively quickly straight down it spins several times counter clockwise while going down the body. It stops again at magnetic north. Then when it is brought up a couple feet quickly it spins in a clockwise rotation. This is repeated continuously.

    Can anyone shed some light on this phenomenon?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe local magnetic fields. We do not know your method of moving the compasses or the near environment.
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    try a control test somewhere you think the magnetic fields are ordinary at least once
    i think its just a normal occurrence and i doubt any "bio-electromagnetic weapons" would cause such a thing
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    The experiment has been done in a field, in homes 20 feet from any metallic object including on the subject. The compasses were lifted by a human being parallel to the plane of the ground up and down about 1.5 feet.
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