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Explanation of sequential circuit

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    Sequential circuit is a circuit which contains combinational circuit in addition to memory elements.Memory elements form a feedback path.The binary information stored in the storage elements at any given time defines the state of the sequential circuit at that time.The next state of the storage elements are determined by the external input and present state.A synchronous sequential circuit is a system whose behaviour can be defined from the knowledge of its signals at discrete instants of time.The behaviour of asynchronous sequential circuit depends on the input signals at any instants of time and the order in which the inputs change.The storage elements used in synchronous sequential circuit are called flip-flof.A flip-flop stores one bit of information.
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    is there a question in this?

    it appears that what you have written is accurate. you might want to put in the fact that the sequential circuit (also called a state machine) is fully defined by the truth table that defines the new state as a function of the previous state and the current input values. of course, that truth table can be expressed as a set of boolean equations (and you want the truth table to be sparse).
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