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Homework Help: Exponential fourier series expansion

  1. Dec 2, 2012 #1
    Hey, thanks for taking the time to look ay my post (:

    I have attached a file which shows the question I am stuck on, and my attempt at working it out.

    My problem is the answer I get, is different to what my Lecturer gets (shown in the attachment). He worked it out a different way to me, he did not take into account that you can simply the equation Cn as x(t) is an odd function (This is all shown in the attachment).

    This is where I would like some help, could some kind chappy please have a look at my work and maybe point me in the right direction if I have gone astray, or even tell my why the answer I have got occurs if it is correct?

    Thank you very much, Mitch

    The question and attempt at solution:

    View attachment Fourier.pdf
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    rude man

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    Your and his answers are the same!!!
    -j = 1/j
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    Now I feel stupid haha!

    Thanks though (:
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    rude man

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    Don't! :smile:
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