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Exponential Integral & Incomplete Gamma function

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    I need to compare an exponential integral [tex]-E_{-2k}(-m)[/tex] -where k is a positive integer and m just a real number- to a Gamma function [tex]\frac{1}{m^{2k+1}}\Gamma(2k+1)[/tex].

    I am using the notation from Mathworld here


    I am interested in the behaviour of their difference as [tex]k\to\infty[/tex]. It seems to tend to zero, but are there any estimates as to how fast the difference goes to zero?

    Thansk for any comments.

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    Maybe I ask should another question first.

    How is the exponential integral function defined for real z less than zero....the integral representation clearly does not converge in that case... is it just analytic continuation or is there an explicit formula...?


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    Ok. Solved. I bound the difference by

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