Facebook returns a blank page

  1. adjacent

    adjacent 1,540
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    Since last night,I can't see the chat sidebar.
    I can't send or see a message. facebook.com/messages returns a blank page with the header only.
    And ton of other problems. :cry::cry:

    Anyone having the same problem?
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  3. I don't have a facebook. But did you check for plugins/extensions problems on the browser? Sometimes ad/tracker blockers block whole features because whole features are trackers/ads and were made that way to purposefully profit by force.
  4. Greg Bernhardt

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    I usually experience one facebook glitch or another. Try clearing your cache and restart the browser.
  5. adjacent

    adjacent 1,540
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    I don't have any extensions.

    It's OK now. Maybe a browser problem. Never mind.
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