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Faraday's Law Help

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    I have found this imformation on the internet, but just need a few parts explained:


    For the 'magnet moving into coil' (lower left illustration),where it says ^B/^t=0.4T/s (where '^' is the triangular symbol in the illustration) what do i have to replace the '^B' and '^t' with for my own equasion?

    Thank you
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    "^" is nothing but the change..^ can be replaced with "d" differentiation. To explain with other example, velocity is the change in distance w.r.t time.
    i.e. velocity = final distance - initial distance/time taken
    which can be written as velocity = dl/dt where dl is the change in distance ...

    The same applies for faraday's law
    ^B/^t = d(BA)/dt= change in magnetic flux w.r.t. time..where B is magnetic field and A is area

    For more details see
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