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Faster than light communication

  1. May 20, 2005 #1

    I just found this on archive:

    physics/0306073 [abs, pdf] :
    Title: Information Field and Superluminal Communication
    Authors: V.P.Oleinik
    Comments: 14 pages, pdf
    Subj-class: General Physics

    Has anyone heard of this and do you think it is a valid claim?
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    Probably not valid, but can you provide a link?
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    An exerpt from the abstract sums it up:
    ...That superluminal communication is possible is seen from the fact that the own field, generated by particles and inseparable from them, transforms the environment into a special physical medium which is capable to instantaneously transfer a signal (information) about any changes, happening to a particle in the region of its basic localization, to arbitrarily large distances...
    The author has submitted two other papers to arXiv, none of which have been published, or cited, in a respectable journal. The assertion "fact" tripped my cowpie alarm. A quick sniff halfway through the paper confirmed that suspicion to my satisfaction.
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    Its wierd.

    Why would anyone with such a seemingly advanced knowledge of physics (its looks like he's educated to at least phd level) spend time writing crap?
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    Russia is famous for producing high quality math an notorious for producing high quality crackpottery.

    I don't see anywere in there where it says the writer is a phd - generally that would be right after his name, right under the title.
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    Not valid assumes that you read them all and judged them all by comoparison.

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    I have never seen a physics paper where the author's credentials or titles were listed.

    This is a normal figure of speach used in formal writing.

    Despite those little nits, this paper does indeed appear to be "cowpie." The author seems to be claiming that electromagnetic potentials are real. He cites the Ahanarov-Bohm effect as evidence, but this is a misunderstanding. Just because the potential is more meaningful in QM does not mean that it is entirely physical.
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    I gues because there is a limit on the speed at which everything can travel (c), there is a finite amount of data which can be transmitted in any finite amount of time.

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