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Fate, My Theory

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    Hi all, just hoping for some opinions on a silly little scribble I was writing a while ago, stuff I think about a lot:

    Input would be appreciated :). Sorry if I wasted your time reading this :(!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The two objects may appear to be traveling at speeds greater than the speed of light relative to each other; to an observer who is defined to be at rest. But in the frame of either colliding object, that frame is at rest, and the other object is travelling at a speed less than the speed of light. If you take some time to study Special Relativity, you will see that this is true.
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    Thanks for a quick reply! :)

    The last 2 bits are more random thoughts of mine than actual theory's.

    Robert Pounder
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We don't know if time travel is possible beyond the normal sense of time, so we can't know what rules would apply if it was possible to back in time.

    You are invited to ask questions, but please remember that personal theories are not discussed here.
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    Sorry I did not know :(!
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    Hi Robert, the scenarios you described are not new. You might want to read about the grandfather paradox. If you like science fiction, Bradbury's "A sound of thunder" is a great short story about traveling back in time and changing the present.

    You might want to look up some old threads about these subjects before starting a new one.
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