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Favorite Heat Scientist

  1. Apr 27, 2013 #1
    In your opinion who is your favorite scientist that studied heat/temperature and why?

    Secondly, what scientist do you think did the most work and had the most queries in regards to temperature/heat thermodynamics in general.
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    Fourier's contribution is remarkable. Where we can't measure temperature (inside bodies), his methods allow us to calculate it. His book is essentially the list of basic cases where T(x,y,z,t) can be calculated analytically. Plus, the heat equation and Fourier series are used for many other applications.
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    With regards to my favorite, it would have to be Sir Michael Faraday. He is, behind Maxwell, my most favorite scientist of all time mainly because he was such an unbelievably brilliant experimenter not only in EM but also in the study of heat and the (then) new study of low temperature phenomena.
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    Einstein solid is pretty neat, and Gibbs did a lot as well
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    nice, I like all of them;

    I think that plack did alot of work, specially when sovling black body radiation.
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    Kelvin! he was a lord, you know ;)
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