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I Fermi-Walker transport

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    Hello, I'm studing the history of this phenomenon. Does someone has the original paper of A.G. Walker of 1932?
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    Can you at least give us the title?
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    of course
    A.G. Walker 1932, Relative coordinates, Proc. Roy. Soc. Eddynburgh, [itex]\mathbf{52}[/itex] 345--353
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    Unfortunately I've no access via my university account(s). The article by Fermi, which is in Italien, seems not to be available online:

    Fermi, Enrico. "Sopra i fenomeni che avvengono in vicinanza di una linea oraria." Rend. Lincei, 1922, 31 (1), pp. 21-23, 51-52, 101-103 (in Itallian) 31 (1922): 21-23.
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