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Ferromagnetic energy question

  1. Oct 18, 2011 #1
    Consider a brick-shaped ferromagnetic of relative magnetic permeability µ >> 1, which has dimensions 2a × 2a × a and a narrow slit of width d and depth a sawed into it as shown in Figure. You may assume that µd >> a >> d. A circular loop of diameter a and inductance L, made of a superconducting material, is put into that slit; the loop carries electric current I. What is the mechanical work A needed to be done in order to pull the loop out of the slit and move it to a large distance from the ferromagnetic?

    Remarks: (a) the inductance of the loop equals to L when it is far away from the ferromagnetic. (b) The current in the loop equals to I when the loop is inside the slit.

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