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Field Oriented Control Clarification

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    I have seen in several documents on field oriented control for example in the below document. The inputs to the PI controller are phase currents but the outputs are voltages that is iSqref and iSdref is converted into Vsqref and VSdref. How the current signals are automatically converted to voltage signals I expected them to be current signals. Please help.

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    The controller is normally designed in such a way that it acts like a mirror image of the physical system it is going to control. In this case, the physical system i.e, the motor takes voltage as input and its response is measured as current. We know the mathematical model of the motor (transfer function between voltage and current). From this information, the controller (whether it is PI controller or some other type) can be designed to do exactly the opposite such that the reference quantity (in this case, the current) can be tracked.
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