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Figures in LaTex

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    I don't really know how to put a figure aside to another. I mean, If "X" is a figure, what can I do to make:

    X X

    in the same line.

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    LaTeX is very picky about figures. Even if you specify where you'd like the figure on the page, sometimes, it'll move it just because it wants to. You can try setting the position to argument to [h], which means "here." LaTeX will then try to place the figure where you want it.

    I'm not sure if figure automatically does newlines, in that case you'll be screwed. But, try it. Make sure you don't newline between the figures.
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    Thanks. I've been googling and finally I've found how to do about that.

    Yes, LaTex has an automatic newline between figures.

    Here it is what I found:

    \caption[Short caption for figure 1]{\label{labelFig1} Long caption figure 1}
    \caption[Short caption for figure 2]{\label{labelFig2} Long caption figure 2.}

    And it works!
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    try checking into various packages such as placeins.

    Figures are "floats" so you really have to force it to go somewhere using tables or whatever.
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