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Homework Help: Find Tension Between Sections of Cable?

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    Figure 5-58 shows a section of an airplane cable-car system. The maximum permissible mass of each car with occupants is 3000 kg. The cars, riding on a support cable, are pulled by a second cable attached to the support tower on each car. Assume that the cables are taut and inclined at angle = 35°. What is the difference in tension between adjacent sections of pull cable if the cars are at the maximum permissible mass and are being accelerated up the incline at 0.81 m/s2?

    I have no idea what this question is asking or even how to start? Please help.

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    i had this problem..... you just have to find what T1-T2 is, and thats equal to
    Ax equals accel (.81) g is 9.8 (gravity) m is the mass (3000) and theta is your angle (35) so do that, you should get 1.9x10^4
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