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Homework Help: Find the area between two curves.

  1. Jan 17, 2012 #1
    given two function f and g in the closed interval a to b, the area would be

    ∫(f(x) - g(x))dx from a to b if f(x)≥g(x) for all x in [a,b].

    My question is.. if I were given two function f and g in a given interval [a,b], what is the best way to dertermine if f(x)≥g(x) or vise versa? Would it be best to graph the two functions then visually evaluate it?
    Im looking for better methods... any suggestions??
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    A lot depends upon the functions.

    If they're continuous, you could evaluate f & g at the end pints of the interval and also see if f=g anywhere in the interval.

    You could solve the inequality f(x) > g(x) .

    Graphing is not such a bad idea.
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