Find the torque for a vehicle wheel

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Homework Statement

In order for a vehicle (wheel) of radius r [m] and mass m [kg] to move at speed v [m/s], horizontal force F [N] should be applied at its axis. Find torque τ [N⋅m], equal to that force that must be applied on the hub.

Homework Equations

torque τ = r × F

The Attempt at a Solution

find tangential force F^{t} , then find torque τ;
find horizontal acceleration a, from it angular acceleration α, and from it and mass torque τ
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Hi MikeN232 and welcome to PF.
Did you do what you posted under "The attempt at a solution"? If so, please post it. If not why not?
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MikeN232 said:
find horizontal acceleration a,
The question statement does not mention acceleration. Instead, it gives the impression that this is constant velocity. That may be because of drag or because the vehicle is going uphill, etc.
The question wording is a bit obscure. I think it means that if a force were applied at the wheel axis to keep the vehicle moving at speed v then the force would be F. But instead, a torque is applied at the axis; what does the torque need to be?