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Find the Wavelength - Waves

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    I don't remember the question exactly because I saw it in my final exam and I'm confused and don't know how to solve it exactly, so here's the question:
    99 MHZ (99000000 HZ) frequency is produced to a 60 m base, find the wavelength.
    They didn't mention neither the velocity nor the time, and I know to find the time is to put 1/frequency. And does the velocity has the speed of light which is 3 x 10^8. Formula: V=wavelength x frequency
    As I told you I don't remember the question exactly but it looks like what I wrote above.
    I'm waiting for an answer as soon as possible.
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    What does that mean?
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    likewise, dunno what produced to a 60 m base means, doesn't make sense

    wavelength is simply velocity of light / freq
    cutting off a lot of 0000's .... 300 / freq (in MHz) = wavelength in metres

    so 300 / 99 = 3.03m

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