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I Find Van De Graaff charge?

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    Does anyone know of a way to measure the actual charge of a Van De Graaff generator, in Coloumbs?

    One way I thought might be to measure the voltage potential around the generator, and calculate the charge from V = kQ/r, but would this work in just regular air? What obstacles would prevent me from finding V to get Q in regular air, if this method would not work?

    Is there any way to control whether a Van De Graaff generator can be charged positive or negative?
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    I didn't know they had a capacitance meter. I suppose I should have realized that this technology is made. I can get one. Its going to be a few weeks before I can get one, so this method of determining the charge is going to take awhile, limited by the time it takes to find a capacitance meter.
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