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Finding a graduate school in physics/what research fields can I go into?

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    Recently I switched into physics from biochemistry after taking first semester of junior EM. Anyway I am graduating next year and fully plan on continuing physics in graduate school. In short I want to be a physicist and get my PhD.

    I have vague ideas of what I am interested in but I don't know which schools have strong programs, or even really if I should go experimental or theoretical.

    In the experimental realm I am interested in AMO physics. Also after learning what I can about QED and other quantum field theories I really want to take a graduate course on the subject (currently taking an undergraduate Nuclear/Particle phys course). Unfortunately my college is mostly condensed matter physicists.

    And this is the problem. Do experimentalists in particle physics take quantum field theory courses or do I have to go into theory to get that education?

    Does anyone have any tips for finding good information about current research in these fields? Any big named programs that I should know about? Any books people can recommend?

    Any advice about graduate school in general or people I should talk to would be welcome.
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    Quantum field theory plays a large role in condensed matter.
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