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Finding the resulant from the product

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    I am new to Chem, and I don't quite understand how to solve this problem:

    Component of citrus fruits is the bitter compound limonin, which contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When a 1.000-gram sample of limonin is subjected to complete combustion, 2.432 grams of [tex]CO_2[/tex] and 0.574 grams of [tex]H_2O[/tex] are producted. In addition, the molar mass of limonin is approximately 475 g/mol. Detrmine the emprirical formula and molecular fomrula of limonin.

    I don't get how can you have a total of about 3gram for the product, whereas the resulatant is only 1gram? I thought the mass has to be equal throughout the problem
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    atmospheric oxygen.
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    that is the whole point of the problem. you need to find the molar ratios to determine the formula for the limonin, and you need the masses to do this. once your molar ratios are balanced then the masses will work out.

    so convert all of your masses into moles. divide them all by the lowest one to get integer values: these should be your molar ratios.
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