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Finding Volume of gases!

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    A balloon is filled to a volume of 63.0 mL at a temperature of 58.0oC.
    The balloon is then heated up at constant pressure to a temperature of 93.0oC.
    What is the final volume of this balloon, in liters?

    We havent even covered this yet in chem, but for some reason they are giving this as a hw problem, help please!
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    Do you know the "ideal gas law"?
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    to figure this out use

    V1 = T1
    V2 T2

    you know both the initial and final volumes and the initial and final tempertatures, just plug them into the equation, but remember that temerature is in Kelvins, not C and definatly not F.
    to get Kelvins from C, add 273.

    here is a page that explain all the gas laws in more detail:
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    Charles' Law is okay, but if you find it hard to memorize all of the equations, then just use [itex]\displaystyle P\times V = n\times R\times T[/itex], but omit pressures, mole amounts, and Rydberg's constant, so what you'll get is plain Charles' Law.
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    I agree. I never memorized all the relationships between P, V, and T; they are all in the ideal gas law (memorize that, though).
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    But you can use R if you like! ;) (R = F + 460)
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