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Finished 3rd year Bio, going into 4th

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    Would you change universities for 4th year if you had the option, or stay at the same one (the same one having a good bio program anyway)?

    I know, it's a very generic question, sorry.
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    I think most people will need a little more information to give you a usefull answer.

    Not, knowing anything more than thats its your fourth year, I'd say that I'd stay, just because I wouldn't want to leave the school I was familiar with for just one year and another school.

    Why are you considering leaving?
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    Well I'm going into 4th year undergrad, likely finishing my biology degree at UWO (University of Western Ontario). I have the option of going to the University of Ottawa and finishing it up there.

    I'm considering moving since my parents are also moving there (I've been living at home so far).

    Finances/being able to afford a place here in London is of no issue, and if I were to move to Ottawa, I would choose to live alone anyhow. If I were to move to Ottawa, it would be purely for academic reasons.

    Also: I speak French, and have been thinking of getting into some sort of professional school related to the sciences (not necessarily medical school).

    I know two profs here at Western (who also know me personally), and both are fairly well known, so I'm not sure if moving is such a good thing based solely on that.
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    Have you looked to see how hard it would be to transfer your courses to Ottawa to finish your degree? The hoop-jumping involved might be prohibative.... Also, I suspect that Western probably has a better selection of upper-year coursework than Ottawa.
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    As oepida maas pointed out, you need to make sure you can transfer all the credits you've obtained at UWO as required class for the biology major at U of O. I've seen identical class/credit for required course not be transfered between two university. Also, some university have limits to how much credit hours you can transfer from another university.

    Also, you have to check the deadline for transfer. June is a fairly late month to go for a transfer application.

    In opinion, you'll be starting your last year of you degree and maybe too deep into it to consider changing university. Since you told us you don't have financial constraint, staying at UWO would avoid many bureaucratic headaches, and it is probably the best idea.
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