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Finishing my Bsc in Physics & Computer Science, not sure what to do now.

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Hello everyone. I'm a third year Physics and Computer science student (predicted a 1st class - studying in the UK) and I'd like some advice on what to do in the future. I apologise in advance if this OP turns into a wall of text but I have tried to do some research prior to this post.

I feel I still want to be an academic after I graduate. I thought initially that I might want to actually work in a physics related field but that is proving to be a very difficult prospect for me. I figured I'd like to do a Physics related PhD but it seems that everywhere would rather you had the necessary masters to support this.

My head of year recommended me to look into a Masters which the university offers which focuses on modelling, uncertainty and data. I spoke to the guy who runs the course and while it did seem interesting to me, a very big issue was that I wouldn't be able to get funding for it - I'd have to pay for it with my own money. It also didn't seem that this is the sort of masters which one could use to get on a Physics PhD.

My head also recommended I talk to someone in the Geography department as my rather unique skillset may be desirable in that field. I could definitely apply for a PhD in Geography but the problem here is I haven't really dabbled in Geography for years and I don't particularly want to rush into a subject which I might not even enjoy. The person I spoke to suggested that a PhD needs to be something you actually care about otherwise it'll be a difficult 3-4 years.

Finally, someone I spoke to recommended I speak to someone in the Civil Engineering department - I haven't chased that up yet, will do next week.

I'm still not sure whether I should forget all this and just try and apply for a job. I just don't want to never do physics again - it'll be a shame. I also really don't understand how funding works for Masters schemes. Some people I've spoken to got funding for their Psychology and History masters so why is it that I can't seem to get funding for any of my Physcs, Maths or Engineering Masters?


So purpose of this thread:
Can I have any input from people on this situation? Advice? Past experiences? etc
Anyone actually done the same course as me and followed a similar path? Or a different path?

Again, sorry for the wall of text, makes it easier for me to not be given advice I've already received.

Thanks very much
It said on the UK news last night that 70 graduates are pursuing every graduate level job! The situation has never been worse for graduates finding jobs, so you better have a backup. I made it up to MSc level and I think it always helped me stand out in job situations - I've never had problems finding jobs - some of 'BSc only' colleagues have. The 'man' has to have some way to reject 69 of those 70 graduates - checking paper qualifications is usually the main way 'he' does it. So chase that paper! (I'd go the whole hog and do everything to get a PhD these days - MSc only doesn't hack it as well as it did in my day... when only 5% were graduates...) Look at http://www.jobs.ac.uk, there were 234 MSc/PhD opportunities last time I looked, all the ones I looked at were fully funded. Don't just listen to your head of department, explore other universities, they may be a lot more turned on at finding funding. If get a 1st/2(i) you should be able to get some kind of funding for MSc/PhD (unless things get *really bad*...)

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