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Firefox 2.0 Releases Tomorrow

  1. Oct 23, 2006 #1
    It has been announced that Mozilla will release it's latest and greatest(?) software on Tuesday.

    Although the official download site is not yet ready, I think one can download it from their FTP site (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
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    Hi, I just visited


    It seems that what they've got available is a Release Candidate. If you install it, it will overwrite your current installation of Firefox, but it is not guaranteed that the extensions and plug-ins you have currently will work with the RC. I'm going to hold off until they announce a fully developed package for release public release.
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    You're right. It's not yet out (officially).
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    Still, thanks for pointing out how far along Firefox 2 is. From the notes on the page I linked, it has some very attractive features. Firefox has been my default browser since day one of the first release, and I eagerly await the next version. The Mozilla folks really seem to know their stuff and they come up with some nice features with every release.
  6. Oct 23, 2006 #5
    Actually, many people seem to think otherwise. Many Fx afficionados now say that this browser is bloated with features (many of which were actually picked up from popular extensions), and I think they have a point. Give the users something small, light, which doesn't use too much memory (it's still a big problem for Fx developers and users), and then let them choose what they want to add. Even if it had been smaller, I would've still added some via extensions (can't live without some of them :biggrin:).
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    Well neutrino, you were right about the release - they went ahead and released Released Candidate 3 as version 2.0. I took a look at how many extensions I really use, then bit the bullet and downloaded the new version. It features real-time spell-checking for forms such as these used to make forum posts. I haven't tried out all the new features, but have been bouncing around from site to site to see if V 2.0 is consistent and stable - it seems to be. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Some of the new features have been taken from a few popular extensions, especially the new tab features, so I'm quite used to them, including the exit button on each tab, which many don't seem to like. The new version has been behaving itself. :)

    Btw, just read on slashdot that there were 2 million downloads in the first 24 hours of the release!
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    I like the separate exit buttons on each tab, and the fact that links open in new tabs, not new windows. I'm involved in a research project in which access to multi-band astrophotography is quite valuable, but opening links in IRSA left me with a lot of windows to track. Now the new links come up in tabs, and I can see when the imagery is loaded, because the little spinning indicator stops. I use IRSA's "reproject" feature, and that is quite slow, so I like to be able to do another activity in another tab while the imagery is loading (several minutes).
  10. Oct 30, 2006 #9
    thanks for the site.:surprised
  11. Oct 31, 2006 #10
    I like the new firefox. Though I admit, I had to look around to get a few things back to how I wanted; namely, I don't like the close tab button, and I also did not like the new quick find, but these were both easy to change.

    The only thing I wish firefox had was some built in mouse gestures, or a better mouse gestures extension (anyone that has used Opera knows what I am talking about).
  12. Oct 31, 2006 #11
    Hmm...I just noticed that the usual options are missing. I never used them anyway. :rolleyes:

    Here you go...
    https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/39/ [Broken]
    https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/12/ [Broken]

    Three are others, too, like Easy Gestures, Drag De Go, etc.
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    Installed fine on my xp box, but baulked on my Mac, and seems to crash every so often. I think i will need to remove some plugins and figure out why.
  14. Oct 31, 2006 #13

    I have used both, and I am currently using the all-in-one. What I meant above is that these mouse gestures are crap compared to Opera's.
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  15. Oct 31, 2006 #14
    Never used them. I did install one of those before, but soon forgot about it. :D
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