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Firefox on KDE

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    I should probably ask this at the firefox forums, or linux forums, but I know dduardo knows the answer :smile:

    I have both gnome and kde installed, but when I have firefox running in kde it looks like crap. So how can I make it look better? Could I change my firefox link to something like firefox -qt2 or something? It looks like crap in kde, imo, because of the qt dialogs, I think that is what they are called anyway. Thanks!
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    I would recommend the plastikfox crystal theme for firefox.

    [edit] And yes there is a qt build of firefox, but it is at most experimental.
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    Cool, the theme makes it look much much better. Thanks!

    edit... I meant for the qt as in that firefox looks much better in gnome than it does in kde. Or do I mean gtk? I don't know. It looks much better now, thanks. :smile:
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    QT: KDE
    GTK: Gnome
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    Just ignore me I don't know what I am talking about :smile: I thought gnome and kde used the same thing, but a different version.
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