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First law of thermodynamics and work done

  1. May 31, 2009 #1
    Two kilograms of water at 100oC is converted to steam at 1 ATM. Find the work done (in J). (The density of steam at 100oC is 0.598 kg/m3.)

    a. 4.6 x 104
    b. 3.4 x 104
    c. 1.2 x 105
    d. 2.1 x 104
    e. 3.4 x 105

    I'ved use the integration holding volume as a variable. However, I dont know why im not getting the right answer.
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    Andrew Mason

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    You don't have to do an integration. Assume that the change in volume from water to steam occurs at 1 Atm external pressure and that the steam is created gradually. Pressure is constant, so [itex]W = \int PdV = PV[/itex] (assume initial volume is 0).


    PS Welcome to PF, btw.
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