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Fish optics* *

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    fish optics*urgent*

    i dun get it, someone told me that a fish can see everything above it.how can a fish achieve a 180 degree full view of everything above the water?
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    Doc Al

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    Draw a diagram showing light rays from air being refracted by the water. Do any angles of incidence not get refracted?

    Or try this trick: Imagine the fish has a light bulb on its head! Draw a diagram of the those light rays as they leave the water and refract into the air. Does the light reach every angle of refraction? (Then realize that the answer to this is the answer to your question, since light rays are reversible.)
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    All that I know for sure about the optics of fish is that they make lousy glasses. The scales can scratch your cornea. They most particularly make lousy sunglasses, because they start to stink after they dry out.
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