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Fluid dynamics-eductors

  1. Sep 27, 2010 #1
    Can anyone recommend a reliable source of information about eductors? I want to be able to calculate the size of the venturi and jets that I would need to induce a steam flow through the venturi with jets of water (water would be atomised through the jets). I also want to calculate the pressure differential I could create. I haven't found any information on condensing the steam through the venturi by using relatively cool water through the jets, I expect that the pressure changes interfere with the condensation process (i also think a strategically placed port from the reservoir would allow an equalisation of pressure to prevent the condensate boiling as the pressure drops) but it would be great if someone could point to some reliable information. hope someone can help.
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    Bernoulli's principle could be a start. And Bernoulli's equation .
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