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I Flux Pinning in a type 2 SC Using an AC Electromagnet

  1. Jun 14, 2016 #1
    When a supercooled type two superconductor is subjected to a static magnetic field, the superconductor pins to the flux of the field (the mixed-state meissner effect is apparent).

    What happens if it is subjected to a continuously changing magnetic field, assuming the superconductivity takes place after the field is introduced (flux already passed through before the superconductor became superconducting, which with DC current would result in a stronger pinning force)?

    What would happen if the changing field is not sinusoidal, only changing slightly without ever reaching 0v?
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    What do you mean by supercooled (which applies to water vapor)? I assume you just mean that it's superconducting? If the field strength changes slowly enough, then you can treat it as though it is a DC field at every time.
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