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For those who want proof of god's existence

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    1st i am very glad to know that a very big number of peapople are really intrested in this forum. i congratulate bcz ur treads are pretty impressive and i am enjoying my time. i am terribly sorry i couldn't be here before now i was very busy.
    about the subject now: for those who want proof of god's existence i ask them to give me the material so i can proove his existence. We do not have any material, siensce itself isnt prooved yet but there is something we are missing ryt here which is this unbeleivable morphology of the universe, the planets, the enviroment and most important our bodies. the fidings are paiting a new portrait of siensce and of GOD.
    so here we have got two choices :
    1- to beleive in god and feel secure(human need) bcz thourgh centuries humanity needed someone to secure them that's y they started to pray 4 the sun, the planets.....
    even though we refuse to accept but the truth is that we are big babies, as babies needs someone to leed them and protect them we do so.
    2- not to beleive in god and alone, now how matter we are strong we cant control everything including DEATH which is the most tragedic event which can happen in someone's life.
    well i am looking forward to hear your opinion on what i said and again i am very happy to join u :smile: byebye. (btw for those who dont beleive in god do not say bye cz it means bless the pope) :rolleyes:
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    So your proposition then is supposed to be a psychological one? The psychological need for a parental sort of comfort?

    Just a heads up but be prepared for the possibility of brusk comment to this and that it may be locked or deleted depending. The posts in here are supposed to be non-theological in nature and there is a preferance that they be well worded and the subject well defined.
    And thank you for the tidbit of trivia, I did not know that.
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