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Force on cam gear bolts

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    Hi, I'm trying to find some formulas to figure out the force on the bolts of a cam gear.
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    Strain gauge the bolt, then tighten it up to the specified torque.

    Do you have any more information which might help you get a more useful answer?
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    Are you talking shear or tension?
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    This completely depends on how the gear mates to the cam.
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    The gear is on a centered dowel, then bolted to the cam. I am talking about sheer strength, not bolt torque. I want to figure out how much load is on the cam bolts from the crank via chain and valve spring back pressure. As I want to try some different bolts and bolts/patterns. I need the load or force the engine puts on the cam so I can calculate what kind of bolts I need.
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    You would need to know the make of the car to determine flywheel weight which affects acceleration of the crankshaft as well as the mass of the camshaft, gear, and chain.

    Also need the geometry of the sliding rails and the tensioner location.
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    I can probably obtain all that info, but how do I use it to get what I need?
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    Ranger Mike

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    i recommend you contact some professional engine builders and them how much torque it takes to turn a cam shaft that is installed to include the heads and valve train. make sure the crankshaft has no pistons installed...will be real close to actual value if the mains are align bored properly..
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