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Forces, Stresses, Loads etc

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    In this type of setup, i was wondering what i needed to take into account to determine how much weight each sawhorse can hold. when an evenly distributed and uniform load is applied ontop of the I-beams.

    Do i need to determine the max load of the I-beams going across?

    How will the I-beams affect my answers?

    Do i need to determine the forces in the saw horse legs?

    These question and related material that you think is crucial is what im trying to find out. Thanks for your help!

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    What is it are you trying to find out?
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    I just want to know where all the forces are going and if i applied lets say 100lbs to the I-beams evenly would each take on half of that (50lbs) and then would each saw horse take half of that (25lbs) per beam?
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