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Formation of a wavefunction, charge density

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    I was studying Density functional theory, the premise of whose reasoning needs one to accept the phenomenon that when we place electrons into a potential, they "arrange" themselves into an unique wave function/charge density.

    Are there any forces that oppose this arrangement? (other than the Columbic ones).

    Anything we can say about entropy in this context?

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    I'm not sure what you mean here. DFT concerns the ground state of the electrons, which is a very well defined state.
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    You're referring to the Hohenberg–Kohn theorem. It's just a uniqueness theorem - given some density [itex] n(\vec{r}) [/itex] there is a unique potential corresponding to such a density.

    Or, flipped around, given a specific potential, there is only one unique solution, in terms of the density, to the problem.

    The rest of you question really doesn't make sense.
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    The question indeed does not make sense. It has nothing to do specifically with DFT, but more with information theory.

    I am aware of the HK theorems.
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