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Fourier analysis of a Lorentzian/Cauchy/Breit–Wigner distribution

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    So I'm supposed to do this but is it just me or is it too hard to do this analytically? (I put it into wolfram online integrator and he couldn't do it) I don't need it very accurate so are there any approximations to this distribution that I could use to make it easier? Anyone have any ideas of a clever way of doing this?

    see http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CauchyDistribution.html

    for the Cauchy distribution and


    for Fourier analysis if you can't remember the formula

    I've never done any numerical integration so if thats the only way I have to learn how to do that from scratch so any clever tricks I could use to avoid that would be appreciated.
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    I suggest using the calculus of residues.
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